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I fucked Ann extremely hard from behind for a solid ten minutes, and I began to ask her, “You want Robert to fuck you? You want to be a submissive t... him?”“Yes! Yes!” Ann cried out as I pulled on the back of her hair lifting her head up off the bed.Ann screamed out into at least two very strong orgasms that night before my cock erupted deep inside her. I asked her afterwards if it had been something that she had desired in the past. She stared towards the ceiling in deep thought, and after a. .. caught them in the act? The thought of being discovered turned him on even further and he slid another finger into her and began to massage more enthusiastically, attempting to take her to her peak. He realised that he was mistaken as her head bowed over him and she took his penis into her mouth. Her lips curled around his rod and her tongue contacted against its tip before dawdling down its length. Her head began to bob up and down whilst her tongue flicked across his rod. One of her. We exchanged a little peck on the lips and Mark walked out of the bathroom and I closed the door behind him. I looked in the mirror and smiled at myself, my first black cock and I felt so sexy and feminine. My lipstick was pretty much intact and only needed another coat which I applied liberally…I just love wearing lipstick. I left the bathroom and spotted Ray, still talking to his buddies and headed towards him. I glance over and saw Mark talking with some guys and pointing my. I continued to lick up and down on his cock coating it with the wetness from my tongue. Then I pursed my lips and slowly slid them over the tip of his cock and started gently sucking on William's cock. He gasped, and his hips jerked. I used my other hand to hold him down and continued to suck on his cock, bobbing my head up and down, while at the same time stroking his cock with my hand. I was giving my first blow-job ever, and I was excited to be giving it to my son. William's breathing was.

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