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Her labia were puffy with arousal, and he teased her by running his cock up and down her slit, getting the tip wet with her juices but not yet enterin... her. “Come on, fuck me,” she begged. “What are you waiting for? Can’t you see how wet I am?” He relented, and pushed forward, his cock disappearing inside her. “Oh, yes, that’s better,” she whispered, as he began to fuck her properly, his cock quickly becoming slippery with her juices. It was such a turn-on to watch, seeing his cock disappear. They slid and felt around two bodies as one, as they fastened together on the back seat.James gave his address between two deep lingering French kisses. The meter was running and the taxi was off. The ten minute drive seemingly had the makings of a lifetime’s incarceration if they couldn’t dirtily touch.The raunchy flow of desire through both souls was untameable. The thought of subtle satiny subdued foreplay wasn’t on either of their minds. James coming up for a much needed breathe in the. As Dan and Wendy were sitting, the woman with three kids was taking the table beside them. Wendy sat down and Dan took the seat on her left. The woman took off her coat revealing very decent-sized breasts covered by a pink low V-neck sweater.“Not bad looking,” Wendy commented, seeing Dan viewing her figure. The woman caught Dan and Wendy’s gaze and smiled back. “Have you ever fucked a black woman before?”“Yes, I have.”“Why does that not surprise me,” she grinned.“What was that hugging and. Ik voelde hoe haar vingers tussen mijn bilspleet gleed en me helemaal inwreven met de olie. "Wat ben je nat," kreunde ze. "Speciaal voor mij?"Ik knikte alleen, want ik was bang dat mijn stem zou breken als ik iets zou zeggen. Mijn mond werd droog, in een mengeling van spanning, maar ook opwinding, en ik voelde dat dat laatste zou winnen. En na een paar keer slikken kon ik haar pas aanmoedigen: "Doe maar..." Haar gladde vingers vonden mijn plekje, en langzaam masseerde ze dat. Ik voelde hoe.

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