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You won’t feel sorry, trust me” Rao said with a fake sweet smile and glittering eyes.Urvashi knew she was a strong, brave and confident woman. She...was always full of confident since her college days and never scared of anyone. In her company where she started her career at the age of 22, she was employed for the past 10 years. Even her management is pretty impressed by this quality of hers.Once her division head was scolding one of her team members for showing up late in the meeting. This team. Shy and conscious she looked for a dark corner as was her custom, from which she could watch the world go by, the beautiful people mingling, talking, laughing, interacting with one another, both singly and in groups. Men and women kissing the air as they passed each other, greeting and moving on, laughing with smiles both false and true. Making her way to her decided seat in a corner she made herself comfortable, her favourite pastime of people watching now coming to the fore. She scruitinized. I thought, "fuck off kid, I'm with this hot babe every night." I smiled and put my head back. Cindy returned, Greg got up to let her in and caught his breath as he looked her over. I turned my head their way and noted she had hiked up her shorts just a little and had removed her bra. Now even though a C cup, Cindy was just 20 and her breasts still defied gravity. She could get away without a bra, but usually wore won in public. She sat down being sure to sit on the end of her shirt to it would. Gholjub, Ph.D., naturalized citizen of the United States, native of New Delhi, India and research scientist in charge of certain possibly illegal chemical processes under the auspices of the CIA, had offended the wrong three people in one day ... all for the same reason."No. No, sir. Doing that I will not be. Offended I am that consideration of that is possible," he told the newly minted General now in charge of the Research Station.When they sent the former civilian chief of operations to find.

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