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” Stunned, I tried to hide my disappointment, but being a total novice at love, I failed at hiding my emotions. She cried harder, “I don’t want ...o lose us Tre,” she choked. “Our friendship, please don’t leave me because I can’t give you what you want.” “Baby calm down I’m not leaving. I can’t say that I’m terribly happy over your choice, but I can respect it,” I said, “Friends we have always been and friends we will continue to be.” Wiping a tear newly formed off her cheek, smiling to reassure. " And did you Ms Durance not purchase a two hour private class for four with a Mr Marcelo Demarco for this evening as a wedding gift for the aforementioned Miss Silvers?" Well, yes. But there must be some mistake, the ad said that..." I do not do mistakes missy. My calling, my passion, my life is teaching the art of the titty-fuck. And if you have booked a class with me, then learn to titty-fuck you shall! Now, let's not waste any more time ladies and quickly remove your tops and bras." Look I. I Didn,t have to know French to realise what she was offering, but politely ignored her offer and soon Sarah and Leon returned so it Came to Nothing any way. When we got back to our room feeling mellow Intook the bull by the horns and told Sarah about Marie,s blatant offer. “They,re probably into wife swapping.” she sighed, “but we,re not. Glad you ignored her.” “She,s got some lovely titties though not as Nice as yours!” I praised my wife. “In that case you,d better get sucking, Bud!” she. While looking at her she saw the woman was kept as two different pictures inside his mind. Almost like seeing her from different angles with in a crystal as light pass through it.On one side she was a very heart stopping attractive teenage girl and on the other side the very beautiful woman she had grown into.But both visions of the woman seemed to be hidden behind a deep wall that gave the appearance that he never looked behind it or tried to remember her.Hmm, that type of pain that created.

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