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“I don’t want to cum so soon.”“Quit you’re complaining, you get to fuck me way more often than other men,” she joked.“I hope so, I’m y...ur husband.”The other three left for a minute so Dan slowed down. Several men gather around to watch as the fire trucks arrived. Partially hidden from view, Dan continued fucking her.“I love us fucking outside and especially with an audience,” she smiled meeting his gentle thrusts and looking up at those watching.“Is that your wife you’re fucking?” One. Avanuku eppozhuthum en mulaiyai thadavuvathai vida suuthil thaan athigam kai vaithu thadavi kondu irupaan.Suthil kai vaithu thadavi vittu mulaiyai kasaka aarambithaan, mulaiyai kasaki konde aadaiyai kayata aarambithaan. Ennai nirvaanamaaga aaki mulaiyil vaai vaithu sappa aarambithaan, mamaiyar ulle vanthal nightyai mele vegamaaga pottu kolalam endru ninaithu irunthen.Ennai nirvaanamaaga paduka vaithu mulaiyai sappi pinbu kuthiyil vaai vaithu naka aarambithaan, haaaaaaaaaaaaa ena oru sugam avan. She locked the outer door so they wouldn’t be accidentally disturbed.Wendy made the introductions of Brad and Abby to Carla and they were surprised at her office attire of a low cut beige blouse with a long golden necklace cradled between her partially revealing breasts. Her long, slim legs were accented by her short hemmed brown mini skirt.“I’ve heard so much about you both from the family, I feel like I already know you,” Carla smiled offering her hand and admiring them. Brad couldn’t help. I was shocked to see him in such a way and I immediately covered myself with a blanket.Dad = “mujhe laga ki tum soo gayi. Just wanted to check on you.”Me = “aap please jaoo”Dad= “kyu tum kya kar rahi ho?”He came closer towards me and removed by a blanket and was shocked to see me naked. Seeing me naked, his dick which was already erect became extremely hard and tiny drops of precum started pouring down.Seeing this, my pussy became extremely wet and I started feeling a tickling sensation in my.

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