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Maybe not me, but I'd have one of my goons try," he chuckled.Tim laughed. "Ok, Sam. Settle down. We'll discuss that later. I'm sure to see you in pers...n within the next couple of months anyway." I'm serious, Tim. If it weren't for you, I wouldn't be here. I owe you everything. I told you a long time ago. Whatever you need, you HAVE TO call Sam. Please, Tim. Remember that," Sam pleaded."Thanks, Sam. I know." Tim replied softly. They quickly concluded the details involved and ended the call with. Katelyn was right behind us, as was the rest of the gaggle.Shy and I headed straight for my bedroom, stripping out of our clothes along the way. Shy jumped on to my unmade bed, totally naked. Katelyn was right behind us.I gently spread Shy’s legs and dove in for some good nibbling, something to which Shy was very receptive. Kathelyn grabbed my cock and started sucking on it, as she massaged my testicles. I tried to work my way up Shy’s slender body to her gorgeous man-made breasts, but Katelyn. Unfortunately, they exploited themselves or others exploited them in publications and movies where they are known as she-males, but most she-males are just guys with titties and female hormones - they don't have vaginas, at all.Mom had met dad because of his special nature. Dad is the rarest of our kind: The male with the extra toy.Because of the physical needs of the female organs, the person with both sets tends to be dominated by their female side.We are living proof that daddy's male side. We were lucky in that Ella Mae could drive, so we would be able to take both wagons with us.I did ask if she could shoot, and she was appalled that I would ask such a dumb question. No Nigger slave would get close to a gun for fear of being shot by the first White person he encountered. Well, without a doubt, we were going to have to fix that if Ella Mae stayed with us. However, in the meantime, I had her drive the lead wagon while I drove behind her so that I could keep an eye on her for her.

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