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It was super amazing. “Go ahead Dad, give it a lick. I know you like it.” Niyati whispered. I kissed the center of the pit first. The gave 3-4 mor... kissed. Then I brought my tongue out and liked the whole pit once. It was heavenly. Her pits on my tongue felt so good that I started licking it like a dog. I would briefly pause and give the pit a kiss and a bite and would resume licking. The kids were laughing and howling but I didn’t care. I kept licking the armpit as if it was the most precious. They touched him, tasseled hishair with their fingers, and rubbed their hands on his scruffy cheeks.One could say they were gushing at his impending arrival.Now Jeffrey got a really good look a them. One of the nurses was blonde,and the other two were brunettes. The blonde was white and had alabasterskin. One of the brunettes was black and the other was Asian, but hadolive toned skin. All three nurses were dressed in skimpy nurses outfits,one different from the next. They all had particularly. She likes it! We then seat sloppily on the couch smoking a lot. I – That was very good! L – Yes, you’re a little whore! A – I would like to do it once more! L – At your service! We all laugh a lot. § § § 2 Months Later § § § We were sloppily sit on the couch when Ludivine said: L – It is my s****r Laura’s birthday tomorrow, it would be nice to have her at home, what do you think? I – That would be super cool, since you talked a lot about her, I long to meet her! A – Me too, if she is half what. "Sit the fuck down and don't you fucking move until I tell you. And at some point I will tell you to get out of the chair."I took my seat and my eyes instantly went back to Alex. She had this big grin on her face. "You sure he is going to stay there? Shouldn't we tie him up," asked Alex. "He will stay there or I will whip his ass so fucking hard he won't be able to sit for a week plus I'd mail his wife a cute little video we made a while back. I own this fucker because he wants it too bad now.

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