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We're brother and sister," she whispered."We're Angie and Michele," Angie responded and kissed Michele deeply,their lipsticked lips mashing together a...d their tongues intertwining.Michele gently pushed Angie away and stood up on her high heels, her hardcock tenting the front of her skirt."It's incest Angie; it's wrong," she whispered."As far as I'm concerned you are Michele, a hot fuckable woman whohappens to have a real penis instead of a strap-on; not my brotherMalcolm!" Angie replied."You're. .Im going to some friends house tonight to drink and play cards, it will be late when i get home but i will be horny so here is my number, call me after 12am. I finally got her after 4 calls and it was 1:30am. It was normal chit chat but my dick was so hard knowing i was talking to a sexy black female that wanted to fuck me. Tanisha was cute but a big girl and had never been with a white guy. She told me her address but she lived an hour and a half away.She promised she would be awake so I. (baeda mma kempgae guruthag guttae amael ondh waara hoegoella , beare yaurgae gotta gu ttae. choetoddha idhiya ning idhaella baeka) I replied sis, I am not able to bear my cock has roused and stood.(Akka thadiyaak aagthailla ,thunnae yeaed ninth bittidhae ) Later she started a conversation about Jaya aunty not coming to their house because of the differences with her husband and Bil, when my Mom initiated the matter. She spoke her family problems while she played with me , not giving a scent. She wrapped her arms around my neck and pressed harder against me. I pulled my tongue back and she followed suit. I ended the kiss by capturing her lower lip between mine, giving it a little suck. Our heads broke apart until opening up space between them. I gazed into her hazel eyes with my green ones, longingly. Our bodies we’re still pressed together, my dick painfully confined by my shirts. She shook her head and took a step back, dropping her arms to her sides. My hands dropped as well. I.

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