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She was sleeping,but interestingly she was wearing a nightie and it was over her knee and her legs widespread.i really got turned on again.i gently ra...sed her nightie and tried to touch her cunt,i did and i was surprised,she was not wearing any panty,and it was very very hairy and a feeling i have never ever experienced.but i saw her move like a shiver, i thought she would awake.but she remained and she raised one leg making her cunt more accessible.but i did not dare to touch her and awaken. Main dekhna chahta tha ki aag ek hi side lagi hain ya dono baju lagi hain.3 din baad mughe meera ka call aaya maine frankly idhar udhar ki baate kathi chalu kar diya.Mughe uska kuch khas nahi laga tha to finally maine uske flat ko reject kar diya.Usne bhi koi bura nahi laga.Ulta woh mughe or flats dikhane ke liye help karne ke liye ready ho gayi.Ab flat ko lekar hamar daily baat hone lagi.Pehle to din main ek baar, fir 2 baar, fir market hate waqt. Ab hamari friendship acchi ho gayi thi. Woh. She was beginning to see her mother, and herself in a whole new way.Melissa trotted off to her own bedroom. She pulled the tight shirt over her head and let it fall to the floor. Then, unbuttoning her shorts she let them drop to the floor as well. Sliding her panties down her legs and stepping out of them she noticed how soaked they were. Raising them to her face, she sniffed at the wet crotch, inhaling the heady scent of her own cunt. She tentatively slid her tongue out and swiped it across. After leaving the confines of the mountains, Grey found himself coming into a vast meadow, covered with bright flowers and grass. At a certain point up on the mountain after passing a lone cabin, the road stopped being paved, and it turned into a piddly dust path, barely wide enough to even accommodate Grey’s small truck. The bumpiness got worse as he drove closer to the middle of the valley meadow.Grey was getting frustrated, even while he was in deep thinking about how stupid he had been for.

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