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Wo pleasure mein kabhi muskarati kabhi ek rand ki tarah lund ka maja lete hue look deti. Ab mere bhi dhako ki speed taj ho chuki thi. Aur lund piston ...i tarah andar bahar ho raha tha, ab mujhe laga ke wo jhadne wali hai, maine dhakke aur tej kar diya, taki use aur pleasure mile aur fir us ki body akadne lagi, aur meri behan mere lund se discharge hui. Ab maine aur speed badha di aur gilapan feel hone ki waha se pach pach ki awaaje aane lagi, aur fir mujhe bhi lagne laga ke main aane wala hu,. “I love you, CC,” she whispered. “I love you too, momma,” I whispered. I thought at that moment that she was beginning to grow on me. Was I falling for her? I think so. I pushed her back on the black leather couch. Looking down at her, she looked so beautiful with her white skin against the black leather couch. Her legs were open ready for me. “Now go entertain our guests,” I said and slapped her ass as she walked away. I watched her go on to the brothers. They soon had her on her knees sucking. I couldn't tell if she was angry or aroused.I licked again, reaching my tongue as far down as it could go, my chin on the dirty bus seat, finding her butt hole and letting my tongue wander around it for a few seconds before poking at the center. I licked up and shoved it in her pussy, then flicked her clit a few times. I looked up to see she was watching me, her eyes half closed, her hands playing with her tits."This is so wrong," she breathed, but she pinched her nipples anyway.I sucked and. Let's go."Evidently not. "Coming," I yelled, to hold Lisa at bay.I released the drawer, surprised that I hadn't already done so, and tried to pull my arm out but Mom's legs were squeezing too hard, trapping my hand between her thighs. I pulled again but Mom only tightened her legs. I closed my hand into a fist and twisted it to and fro, panicking, fearing that Lisa would come in to see what was keeping me. I yanked hard and half spun around when my hand burst free. Mom dropped onto her elbows.

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