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Why shave?I like the clean feeling of my bald pussy.Good, I think most ladies do.John dripped some warm oil on my pussy, hitting my clit and it rolled...down over my lips. This must have been a different type of oil, it was warm yet made a tingling sensation on my pussy. I let out a little gasp.Good Anita don't be afraid, enjoy.But I'm married.That's OK you're fine.John moved up to my hips and massaged my hip bones. Very nice thin body, I can see the outline of your rib cage. Perfect he said.. It made me uncomfortable at first but then it went away. The wife bumped on to me when she turned around both of our boobs collided in the middle of the isle. I was like excuse me she was very apologetic I told her not to worry. She insisted on brushing my coat of she was look i made your coat wrinkley i was not to worry but she insited and kept padding me down on my chest. I told her it was ok but she kept insisting but the more she padded me the more her hands started to cup my breast. It. It hurt less the more he penetrated me and stretched my hole.The pounding went on 10 more minutes before the guy in my ass finally grunted and shouted that he was sperming in my ass. I groaned, feeling his thick member pulse in my rectum and then explode, jets of semen filling me up! Another guy was inside me as soon as he pulled his dripping prick out of my ass with a loud popping sound. I began howling again, my ass still so tight around the next cock shoved inside me. The room was loud with. She sat up as quickly as her body wouldlet her and looked at the prostrate form on the bed. The manlooked too still to be alive. A single trickle of sweat ran fromhis forehead, down his cheek and onto the bedspread. Rachael putan ear to his mouth to listen for breath. The man groanedslightly and Rachael jumped so hard she almost fell off the bed."Stay alive," she said quietly. "I'll get an ambulance. Justdon't go and die."She ran back in the next room and called the emergency.

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