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I made sure she was 100% in, telling her If she said she was in, there was no backing out.....she would be expected to suck his dick until he came. Sh... was in.Those were the longest and most nervous 5 hours we've had in a long time. The anticipation is so intense. When he text us saying he was 2 min away, she got really nervous and downed her glass of wine. He came to the door and was dressed well, looked exactly as advertised, and was very polite. We went downstairs and they chatted a little. So you want me, though?" I do." Why? I mean, why me and not anyone else?" Because you're the most passionate, the most fun, the most interesting girl I've ever gone out with. Because I'm crazy about you." Wow," she said, and took a deep breath. "OK, then. I'll tell you what I think. Look, I'm no prude. I play with myself incessantly," she said with a little smirk."Ah. How very male of you," I smirked back.She let out a stream of those charming giggles. "You think girls don't do that? Boy are. I was shocked for a moment. I asked her how are you maintaining such a great figure at 32 for which she replied in anger (how could you use word figure with the person whom you met 2 days back).Then I responded saying you have a great figure and you are looking hot so I expressed my feelings. She laughed. For another few days, we had casual chat during office hours and after coming from office as well.One day I asked her if you are chatting with me is your hubby not saying anything. She said. " But you refused my offer?" I meant what I said, you looked so beautiful I couldn't bear to spoil itand I was still a bit scared off pushing you too hard, it was a difficultdecision," he smiled. "You'll never know just how close you came todestroying a lovely dress and a beautiful hair style or how relieved Iwas that you still wanted me and I hadn't wrecked the opportunity to winthe heart of an incredible woman." So I was the first transgendered woman you have ever made love to?"He looked a.

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