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Aoshi: Why didn't you deliver the final blow?Kenshin: I'm a vagabond now. Not the Hitokiri. But even without the final blow, a man like you would unde...stand which of us should get the victory. Answer me one thing, Aoshi. You were a great man, entrusted with the position of Okashira for the Edo Castle Oniwabanshuu. Was there no oppurtunity for you to become an officer in the new government? Why are you now a mere bodyguard? There must have been a place for you to use your own abilities... Aoshi:. Sure, I had a few drinks but don’t remember getting drunk. As I pondered the past evening, I wondered if I might have fallen victim to a spiked drink at some point given to me by some unknown enemy.At least the mysterious female was sleeping and breathing normally.I thought of the variety of films that I had watched with the poor victim waking up next to a naked bloody corpse with no recollection of his actions the night before.I tentatively reached out an inquisitive finger to poke the strange. Besides Kelly's mouth, he had always wanted Bella's too, to put her in her place for all the bad things she has spoken. Justice for her crimes! He wanted that nasty mouth filled up and he wanted her to beg for it!"Ive mistaken your judgement, Gary." He made her say loudly, "Yours is the best idea Ive ever seen in my entire career. Please, I need that cock pumping into my mouth." She wants your cock, Gary." Kelly giggled again, "I think she really wants it." I dont just want it." Bella. He fucked me till I was dry, till I was raw and still he didn’t cum, He made me stick a finger up his ass while he poured lube all over my pussy and kept fucking me. I felt like it had been going on for hours and hours, but I have no idea how long it actually lasted. I don’t even think I was awake for all of it. I just remember the feeling of my legs going numb, of my pussy being sore and his sweat dripping in cold drops onto my face and chest.Finally, he was ready. He pulled out and came.

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