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When it was getting close to the agreed upon time for Vinny and Tony to arrive, I said It was time to go in, get cleaned up and for me to have my way ...ith her.Rachel said, ok, but it had better be even better than it was having the hot tub sex.We went to the bedroom and I told her that she would need to put on some sexy lingerie for me. When she went into the bathroom, I sent the text message to Vinny letting them know it was time.She came out of the bathroom and looked incredibly sexy in a red. Now get sucking!”Sofia thrust the dildo between Simran’s lips and teeth and she got to work with her tongue, desperately coating it with as much of her own saliva as she could muster. Sofia gave her a few moments but not nearly enough to Simran’s mind before rolling Simran over and lifting Simran’s curvaceous bubble butt towards her. Sofia took great pleasure in smoothing Simran’s skin and parting her ass cheeks to show her puckered little arsehole. Sofia slid her hips up and forward until the. I did this for some time and then I felt as if she was moving in her sleep so I went away to a different room and jerked off there thinking about her. then in the evening I went outside and came late in the night and we had dinner together and we sat talking about general things in life.After some time she told that she wants to sleep and she asked me to sleep in her room only as it had two separate beds in it and I agreed for it in one second. After some time she slept and now again the devil. I beganto understand the difference in dick size. Both felt amazing, but Pat'sdick just pushed me apart more, and at a certain point felt like it waspushing a part of me apart that had never been split. At a certainpoint, my thighs just started shaking and I couldn't hold myself upanymore and fell on him completely. My body went limp. He allowed me tomove, or try to move for just a few seconds, and then he picked me up,completely impaled and pushed me on my back on the couch.Then I'm not sure.

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