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The black color of her clothes enhanced her assets. There were only three of us in the house. And we started talking. Smitha Aunty started talking abo...t all the naughty things they did when they shared the same hostel room and Shivani Aunty was being shy at those moments and giggled sweetly. Oh how badly did I wanted to fuck her straight away.. I wouldn’t care about any consequences if it wasn’t for my morals. I would’ve tore those kurta to fondle to perfectly shaped tits and the leggings to. Carson took in the modern furniture, the sleek black wood floors, the glass fireplace. He looked out the window to a private balcony--palm trees fluttering in the wind. A perfect view of the glittering ocean.“So, this is it,” said Armisen, slipping his hands into his pockets with a casual shrug.Carson’s heart fluttered in his chest. He couldn’t stop himself. He blurted out, “Are you going to fuck me now?”Armisen looked at him for a moment, then broke out laughing. That sexy, dry laugh. “Now? I. Aap logo ne meri pehle bhi three story padi hogi iss per jis me mai ne apni padose ki ek aunty aur un ki beti ko choda tha aur ek apni hi city ki lady ko choda tha aaj mai aap logo ko apni new story sunane ja raha hu jis me batau ga ksise mai ne apni suman aunty ki friend ko choda tha baat 9 march ki hai us din mai college nahi gya tha mai apne ghar me hi tv dekh raha to mai boor ho raha thaTo mai ne socha kyu na apni randi k hi ghar jaa auu to mai ne apni mom ko bta k aunty k ghar chala gya us. ”I ignored her moans and went deeper and started to fuck her roughly. She couldn’t handle the pain and slapped me. Her pussy was warm and tight. She had little hair trimmed in a triangle. I continued to fuck her until I was close to cumming. Then we went to the reverse cowgirl and I increased my pace.Now she and I both moaned loudly. I told her “I’m gonna cum.” She replied, “Yes darling I want it in my pussy.” And so I came into her pussy with a loud gush sound. She was so very tired due to the.

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