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I squirmed and quivered and contracted and squeezed Jason as he used my pussy. Jason threw his head back and groaned, thrusting in deep as possible as...I squeezed the orgasm out of him. I gasped as his cock pulsed inside of me, pumping my pussy full of hot, sticky white semen. I squealed and trembled again as the sensation of Jason emptying his balls inside of me brought me to orgasm again.Jason rubbed my ass and softly moaned. I closed my eyes and enjoyed his cock and cum being inside of me.. I'm ready for you to move in me."I pull myself out a little and then back in. I do it more times and get to stroking longer and deeper. It feels awesome, her pussy is so much tighter than Twyla's and it feels different than a sucking mouth or a gripping hand. I feel in control of the speed and the depth. Cindy's skinny body beneath me writhes and squeezes and tightens and I'm feeling all the texture of the inside of her vagina.Twyla is touching and rubbing both of us over our satin. Obviously it was sad. It was enough to get Ellie pregnant with me, but since then shes been worried about getting so old that she wouldnt find anyone to renew her back to youth. And I was worried I would meet the same kind of fate. When we found you, we were so happy. You were up for adoption and we could all tell from a mile away that you had what it took. She put her hand on my leg and let it travel to the my crotch. She grabbed it. This, baby, this is youth. This is a goldmine. The skeptic. I started to rub the loose hairs off the shaft and a little bubble of pre-cum oozed from the tip. That cock had to be 13" long if it was an inch. I smoothed the pre-cum around the head and I could feel his huge shaft throbbing in my hand.I was still trying in vain to maintain the pretense of cleaning the trimmings off his crotch, but he had thrown caution to the wind, was leaning back and really enjoying having his cock stroked.As recently as 20 minutes earlier, I had never touched another.

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