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'' so what do you want'', he asked. '' what ever you recommend'', i said. he walked off torward one of the cells and i planed to run and was turning t... do so when i heard screaming. i turned back and he was holding a girl that couldn't have been more than 16 up by her hair and i do mean up im talking about levatation, floating, in the air by her hair. ''whoa what are you doing'', i asked. '' this is who i recommend'',he said raising an eye questionaly. '' put her down man'',i yelled. he put her. ’ She smiled wide and slid off the horse. ‘Get out of that truck, you handsome man. I haven’t had a hug from you in months.’ He got out of the truck and pulled Jenny with him as he did so. He introduced Jenny to Roseanne after they hugged. Roseanne hugged Jenny and kissed her on the cheek. Then the three walked back to the Honda. ‘You might as well get out of the car.’ Jerry said, loudly. ‘OK.’ Tom said. He and Petra got out and were introduced to Roseanne. Petra had some trouble knowing. I had brought one other spare but did not need it. Liya, again, had coordinated with Carol. She put the box she had carried carefully into the lunchroom and placed it in the middle of the table, then extracted an 11x8 cake with “Happy15th” written in icing on it, and with a single candle. I handed Meka the small matchbox I had brought, and she lit the candle, then slid the cake to in front of Lana.Meka told her, “Since you’re the birthday girl, I sup-po-o-ose you could serve yourself a. .... but ..... but they can't be", he stammered."They sure are", I replied, "It's amazing what six months of taking pillsdaily and getting weekly hormone injections can do for your figure. So,you going to play with them or are you just going to stare at them forthe rest of the afternoon?"Joe reached forward and cupped them in his hand, feeling their warmsoftness, I felt something like an electrical shock pass through my bodyas I felt his hands on my breasts for the first time. Then he.

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