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.....I let my hands wander between her legs to lightly touch her pussy, she didn't seem to mind so I fingered her, and her ass hole too!! mmmmmmm I th...ught this is mindblowing!!!! Then he started to moan ahh yesssssss, she stopped and took his cock up to the hilt as he shot his load in her throat. she gagged but didn't withdraw until he had spunked every last drop in her. As she withdrew I still had two fingers up her pussy, she turned and smiled.......She must have swallowed all his cum. Dave thought back to the few scenes he had witnessed between Wendy and Kellie, but this promised to be much more satisfying, if both girls wanted to have a threesome."Nothing serious" Gail said softly "just a bit of experimenting with my girlfriend, Sandy, who Dave's met. But we both had boyfriends so it wasn't anything heavy, more or less just mutual masturbation, I guess, although I must admit I enjoyed it. But I feel terribly overdressed, does anyone mind if I wear the same as Jill?" as she. ”“I’m on it, Steve! I commanded men on a ballistic missile sub.”“Yes, you did. But she’s full-blooded Italian, and NOBODY can command her!”“So true,” he laughed. “Talk to you soon!”We said ‘goodbye’ and hung up.That evening, Jessica, Kara, Michelle and I gathered to remember our friend Jorge on the anniversary of his death.“Are you OK, Jess?” I asked after we finished our memorial service.“Yes, it’s just hard to think about what happened. And when we do this, it brings back all those memories.. There was a boulder nearby, and so he placed the folded paper on top of it, making sure that it was conspicuous. He secured it with a small rock to prevent it from being blown away by the wind and then retreated to the cover of the woods. He wanted sorely to wait there, to see how she reacted when she read the poem, but if he was not back by morning when his parents awoke he would be missed. Even so, he was determined to return here. He would have to find an excuse to visit the sluice gate.

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