Take a long, hot soak, and let the warm water work on your bruises, and bumps," I said, indicating the visible bruises on her neck, and shoulder. She ...lushed, ashamed of the abuse she'd suffered.I took a huge chance and hugged her very lightly, leaning toward her with only my upper body, placed a gentle kiss on her forehead, told her goodnight, and then walked back the hall to my room, leaving her standing at her door in shock because someone spoke to her in a kind voice, asked what she wanted. About an hour into our shift, we arrested a young guy in possession of a stolen laptop. We knew it was stolen when he tried to throw it over a fence and act invisible when he saw the police car, and while we were speaking to him, a lady ran around the corner, spotted us, and told us someone had just stolen her laptop from her car outside the city library. I guess we didn’t need a deerstalker hat and a magnifying glass to solve this particular crime, and we got some partial admissions from our. He said "I am going to light a candle and you are going to just stand there and breathe okay" I said "Yes sir!" he laughed and said "Good girl you may just be the one I have been looking for all my life!" I did not know what he meant by that but it sounded promising and I got wetter between my legs as he lit a small candle the flame was not much just enough to see by and he came into view as I looked up he was a big man tall and a little thick but older I could see the lines on his face though. This was all the stimulation she needed as she leaned her head back and bit her lip. Her breathing picked up again. I grabbed her hips tighter and assisted her up and down my shaft. Her pussy sucked in my cock all the way to the base and I could feel a trail of wetness tricking down my balls. Kacey then took charge again and pulled my hands off her hips. She pushed her hands onto my chest and rode me hard as the sound of her thighs slapping against me was only drowned out by the sound of her.

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