Chapter 7Manya’s morning had got off to a rousing beginning with two superlative bouts of sex. One was hard and fast with a young stud, while the was a gradual, mutually seeking love making session with her cousin. The delicacy of the latter took her by surprise. She grinned wickedly to herself as she examined her assaulted zone, which was her hips and ass package. The entire mass of flesh was damp from sweat and semen. Her crotch and inner thighs were completely sticky and an ooze path. We dump our bags and we grab a seat in the living room."Right man, spill!" Marc says impatiently."Ok, basically I finally got some action." I say calmly. "Eh? What you talking about?" He asks confused."This!" I say handing him my phone with the picture Becki sent last night. "Holy shit" he says admiring the photo "who the hell is that?" "That's Becki from my work!" I say smugly."Aww so this is the fit bird you go on about! I can see why!" Marc's eyes almost falling out of his head."Bro" I grab. "Mmmph! Mmmph!" She mewled uselessly. The plugged tube kept her silent. Jackline felt her mind slowly racing, uneasy. The more she was left by her self, the more she wanted to scream and panic. Minutes snuck past her. And Jackline's struggling caused her to toss and throw her against the walls. Each second tore through her confidence and ripped into her calm poise demeanor.Let me out! Let me out! Don't leave me in the dark! Then, suddenly, her loins began to burn. Pleasurable heat sizzled. I was in paradise. I didn't actually last as long as I would have liked; she was quite a tight fit and I could feel her vagina contracting and sucking at my cock as she also was obviously close to coming. In the end I could hold back no longer and, knowing I simply had to cum, I speeded up my thrusts to reach my maximum speed just at the moment of deep delight as my juice welled up from my balls. I thrust and spurted deep into her loins and carried on thrusting for a short while even after I.

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