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"Art, I thought you said you were taking me home. I live at... "I squeezed her knee as if to shush her and looked deep into her eyes. I mustered up th... cutest, most innocent face I could manage. Shit, standing alongside me, a cherub would have looked like Charles Manson."I didn't say whose home, now did I?" I chuckled, squeezing the knee a bit for accent. "So, Sue, unless you have a cat or dog to feed, shut up darlin' and behave yourself and enjoy the ride." She grinned at me. Then she squeezed. Laughing, those teenagers flopped down on the swing bed. JD sat in the middle and parted his legs widely. His raging cock was aching with excitement. Kate sat on his left lap and her legs rested along the seat. The guy’s hands slid all about her body slowly as they talked in whispers. “You know, baby, many prosperous people would be at tonight’s party. One of them is our friend Ted who has got connections with model agencies. You wanna be a model, aren’t you?” JD asked, thinking about that. I had no way of telling but it felt like at least two inches of me was in there.Grandma could no longer touch my erection with her fingers but she did gently hold and caress my sack. It took some doing but I was finally able to see what her other hand was doing and was I surprised. She had spread her legs and put her hand between them. I knew then she was feeling herself down there and it was called masturbation. So now the rumors I'd heard a school were true. Women did things to themselves. .. Arnoldo. I knew you was the right one to help us." Okay... Quint." He reached across the table to shake the other man'shand. "You got yourself a helper."* * * * *"Norma... Norma Jeane." Trisha heard a man's voice, but she ignoredit and kept walking towards her house.The man suddenly stepped in front of her. "What's the matter, NormaJeane? Didn't you hear me?" I..." Trisha looked closely at the stranger... the _handsome_stranger. "Do I know you?" I'm Ethan... Ethan Thomas. We met out.

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