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You gasp into your panties, and after a minute of solid rocking, your orgasm falls away. And for the first time, you look me in the eyes. You're looki...g to see if I am done. "Oh no," I say, "You're not done yet slut."I pull my cock from you, and you shudder again. I roughly twist you over onto your stomach, and I smack your round ass peeking out from under your skirt. I spit on your ass and move my hands to it, guiding the spit down your ass crack, until I find that tight sphincter, sealed shut. The ride in the evening was sometimes OK, but the morning ride was usually chock full of shirtless beauties walking, jogging, and occasionally riding the bus. Last week during a brief warm snap, I had spotted several Hispanic boys riding the 2nd bus I normally rode, and I was looking forward to seeing them this week, and I was not disappointed.As I sat waiting on my 2nd bus, here they came, all shirtless and speaking Spanish. Tan smooth skin, dark hair and eyes, and that Spanish accent that. I’ve seen a few of the others, but I don’t know their names or how they fit in.”“That’s fine. You’ve been doing what you were hired to do, namely to take care of our children,” Joan said sweetly. “Further, we think you’ve been doing a good job at that.”“Oh, I love this job ... and that’s why I put so much effort into thinking about what you were telling me a few days ago. I mean I REALLY thought about it – like every second of the day and night since then. I projected myself into your. The low cut neckline enhanced hermodest bosom. It had long full skirts that Dawn knew would look so gracefulwhen she danced in the latest fashion.Dawn was starting to worry that she was beginning to like being a girl. Shewas afraid that she was never going to go back to Eric.The next morning, the page that the Queen sent out returned with a likelycandidate for Dawn's escort.The Queen was excited over this news. "What is the name of the lucky man?The Queen asked."Alexander du Lac. He is a.

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