Then he is licking me in a figure-eight motion as I orgasm. I want more, he is good, very good. “I can hear him whispering, “A, B, C, D, ….,” ...hen I realised he is doing the letters of the alphabet with his tongue on my cunt lips.I have my second orgasm on the letter O. “Don’t stop, more,” is all I can mutter as Mike curls a finger into me and keeps licking me. My cunt is sopping wet as my man is holding me tightly as he is tongue kissing me. He is aware my body is tense and ready to explode.. ” I felt a hot pain on my lower back and screamed. They were branding me! I started to feel panic. Being presented was one thing, but the brand was permanent. What was happening?! The hot iron was removed from my back and my boss slapped my round, firm ass, laughing. “You see, Jenny isn’t always a good girl. I was supposed to have her yesterday but she left work early. Denial is tantamount to refusal, as we all know…” I felt my eyes go wide.“No! I had no idea! Please, I’ll do anything!” I. I opened my eyes and my mum said “Happy birthday Ezzie your 13 already, I can’t believe it. And don’t think just because its your birthday you don’t have to go to school. So get up and get dressed then come have some breakfast.” I got up and washed my face, so many things were going through my mind. I went back to my room where it all started and got dressed for school then went into the kitchen and had some pancakes. Then I grabbed my bag and ran out the door.I couldn’t wait to tell my friends. After few min There was a noise of opening the door’s ,my heart beating is increased ,she looked outside and entered the room . She thought I went outside . She locked the room and she is making ready herself, she removed the blouse, ‘oh’ I was not able to breath – I saw a nice pair of white mango’s , I totally upset ,and she wear a black bra .i saw her pussy area as her petticoat is full of wet , suddenly she removed the rope of the petticoat .’ I shivered like any thing. I saw her back side.

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