The glass weighed heavy in his hand, as Charles sat in the village pub that night. All around him could be heard the same drab talk. He wondered if th...y ever knew what lay beyond that lattice of motorways which cut though the countryside? Like the stream of cars and lorries upon those roads, life was passing him by. The pub had not changed in years, maybe as far back as the war, when the visiting American army had scrawled their names upon the dark oak beams. The other men just sat there. Ink pens have a handle similar to the old goose quill, without the feathers, that was the writing instrument of necessity back in the stone age... 1800. The French claim to have invented a steel nib and holder that saved countless naked geese from freezing to death. A nib ... the metal point ... is inserted into the pen holder and the resulting writing implement is dipped in ink. Now the writer has something with which to write. If a wooden ruler is placed on paper and the pen is used to draw. ‘That’s it, suck my cock, mom,’ Ralph said. Tammy moaned and loved the taste of the head of his meaty cock in her mouth. She then moved her head farther down and soon Ralph could feel the tip of his cock pressing against the back of her throat. ‘My mom’s a cocksucker,’ yelled out Ralph while Tammy worked her magic mouth on his cock. Ralph grabbed the side of Tammy’s head with his hands and started to fuck her mouth. He loved the feeling of his cock in his mom’s warm mouth. ‘That’s it mom.. ’ Laughter fills the air when he utters, ‘As you wish.’ Teasing me as he slowly pushes his cock inside and then slowly pulling out. It sends shivers throughout my body. Thrusting his cock inside me, I moan loudly with pleasure as his cock hits deep inside, his balls smacking my ass. I moan with pleasure of being filled as he groans. Grabbing onto my thighs he starts pumping in and out so furiously. He thrusts harder and faster as my pussy walls convulse and contract and orgasm after orgasm.

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