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It was about midnight now and I heard a knock on my door. I opened the door and Chloe was standing there crying again. I asked what was wrong this tim... and she just said someone was being horrible to her and she wanted to stay with me and she didn’t want to be alone. I asked her why can’t she stay in mums room but she said they weren’t coming home.I said ok. But told her to sleep on the floor.I got in to bed and turned the light out, as I lay down Chloe reached over and lay down next to meI. I felt like something was going to happen. I could have moved away. But I didnt. Maybe because I wanted it to happen. (did I tell you I have a huge crush on my boss?)He leaned forward. He placed his lips on mine.They felt as warm and gentle as the water on my ankles. I closed my eyes. My hands moved halfway to stop him but lost the resolve to do so as the kiss felt amazing. He kissed me long and deep as dozens of waves broke and touched the soles of my feet. He lifted his arm to draw me. You shook your head, though, indicating that I was to go ahead and slip it on around my neck. I looked at the stranger, then at you. "I can't. Not in front of --" The blur of your hand, followed by the sharp sound of a slap and a cutting sting on my cheek, cut my words off."Put the collar on, slut. Now." With a tear in my eye, I glanced again to the stranger. You took a step toward me, hand raising."Okay!" I said, wrapping the collar around my neck. I loose strands of my hair out from under the. I called out to him. "Up boy, we've got company. I want you to meet Suzie Rop and Virginia Cooper. I think I'm going to marry these two, so ogle while you can." David got up and introduced himself. Giggling the girls shook hands and demurely sat down. David offered them some of his herbal tea and they both agreed. He then excused himself to make last minute checks of the plane. Moments later we could see him in the cockpit checking out the instruments. The girls then scooted their chairs closer.

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