Brady's house was large, though not as large as Charles's. Brady had two younger sisters who had their own separate rooms and his mom and dad shared t...e same master bedroom. The guys would all sleep inside Brady's bedroom and he had lots of pump-up beds for his guests.The boys were watching horror films inside Brady's bedroom, eating crisps and drinking from a bottle of cola. The first horror film they all watched was Drag Me To Hell, which was about an old gypsy cursing a young Blonde bank. ' I was helpless to refuse and lucky that the two of them was so excited that it wasn't long before they both erupted and drenched my face and butt with their substance. The third guy pulled me up to my knees, as far back as he could till I in a crotch like position. He pushed my face into the mattress and pushed his fat rigid penis into my bung hole. He was bigger than the first guy and my bung was so tender that it felt like some one stuck a hot poker up my butt. He rode me for 40 minutes. We walked on the beach for over an hour and ahalf just talking. I found out he wanted a seriousrelationship not a fuck wanted a woman as his own and awoman to have his children. This blew my mind a black man that was very educated,Vice President of a Fortune 200 company that wantedmore than a fuck. As we got back near the car with thesun going down and the waves lapping at our feet Hepulled me close and kissed me. I melted in his arms. Afew minutes later he took my hand and put it under. Your pussy is overflowing and your clit is swollen to the bursting point. Licking you deeply, my fingers penetrate you front and back and begin to match your hips urgent rhythm. I feel your legs quivering and your breath coming in little gasps as your hands pull my face deeper between your thighs. Your sweet release is so near. Suddenly I stop, withdrawing my tongue and fingers from inside you. Quickly standing and turning you around, I bend you at the waist and throw your dress over your.

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