“Keep going,” the Boss told her. Carole reached down and unbuttoned her jeans. She lowered them to the floor and stepped out of them before she di... the same with her panties. “Oh, God, yeah, you are nice,” the Boss said, grinning from ear to ear. “Come here.” Carole stepped forward. As she did, the Boss reached up and cupped her big tits in his hands. He brought one up to his mouth and sucked in the nipple. He pushed her back a little and stood. He took off his shirt and then dropped his pants.. He was concerned that if a large number of the citizens and NUSF personnel were attached to the spacecraft, it could leave Leti vulnerable. He did not want to look at Earth for additional people, as life on Earth had changed since the Islamic jihad attacks of 2012, where 70% of the world population had been wiped out. Leti is a planet with a small population, and very few weapons to protect itself should it be attacked from space. The citizens living in Ulaid had a population of about 3500. Mr. Moore sent Rodney back to the office. The kitchen staff was hard at work cleaning up in the back. As soon as the room had cleared out Mr. Moore plugged the television back in but left it in the corner. He ordered Joni and me to pull up a couple of chairs.In a timid, pleading voice, Joni said, "Please, Mr. Moore. I don't want to see this again. I've done everything you asked of me. I promise I'll be good."Mr. Moore smiled and said, "Sorry, Joni. It's part of your mandatory orientation. Think. With Michelle, my wife, I loved how she’d been dating and sleeping with Mike. But I really wanted to keep Jacqui to myself. Weird or what? She’d recovered from her crying spell as we sat and talked about other things, a funny incident she had at work earlier, the ever popular topic of the weather and some others that I don’t remember as they weren’t important. When I told her I needed to go, she didn’t mind. I asked her if she wanted me to pick her up Friday for square dancing and she shook her.

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