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Like Tina though, Rachel would not have seen the state that we were often in, both from the pitch and the after match.“Morning all,” I said.“Jee..., Luke! What happened to your face?” asked Cara.I walked over and kissed Cara on the cheek, “I was getting bored with being the prettiest in the house, so Rob arranged a facelift for me.” I heard a gasp behind me.“Is it usually like this?” I heard Rachel whisper.“No, sometimes someone really works Luke over, you should see him then.”“Who was wearing. I tasted my cum before but this was different as I loved the taste.As we are kissing, I reach down and touch his cock – my heart is racing now and I am a little nervous, as I have never touched another cock. He feels so large and hard. We keep kissing and me rubbing his cock. I get brave. I slide onto the floor on my knees between his legs and take his cock in my mouth. All I could think is that it is large. The size and the warmth surprised me. I have my right hand around the shaft and start. " Hmm, don't be smart with me." I'm sorry, no not much. Wine, beer now and then." Do you have the dress for the theater?" No, I pick them up tomorrow." Go inside, fix yourself up and put on some nice clothes. I've seen your birthday suit. I'll wait." Shay wondered if she detected a bit of Kent's sense of humor. She did as asked and came out a bit later in stylish jeans and nice blouse, pumps and her hair and makeup in place."OK?" You're obviously from a different social class, but you are. Then I began alternating the slaps. “Please Daddy, I’m sorry Daddy. Don’t hurt me, Daddy.” She continued to quietly call to me, but soon the calls began to come less frequently, more softly and filled with more lust. “Please Daddy. Bad little whore… Oh, Daddy…” My cock was now at full attention as her thigh rubbed against the underside of it and an occasional streamer of pre-cum found its way onto her warm flesh. Then I stopped and made as if to just run my hand across her ass flatly again.

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