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He asked why I was up so early & I told him I was horny. Well, I should know better already to say that because 10 seconds later he put my on my back ... rolled on top of me. It didn't take long to feel him hard & starting to enter me.Damn I was ready for a hard dick. As he slid in me deeper & deeper I got really wet quickly. His cock felt so hard & I couldn't help but think about how I was gonna be fucked later by my young friend. As my guy pumped me, he asked me why I was so wet so I figured I. ‘Call me! I’d really like to see you again.’ I looked at it under my dim single light and suddenly felt like a schoolgirl again. Never mind the fact that I was thirty five and he was nineteen, and never mind the fact that there was no way I was ever going to call the number, I just felt … I don’t know … visible. I felt flushed again, but this time it wasn’t through embarrassment or awkwardness, it was from being noticed and, I suppose, appreciated. I hadn’t felt that way for a long, long time.. ‘Relax. You ready to earn your pay?’ The guy sat close and his hand reached out to stroke Art’s thigh. His head was swimming with questions, but no words seemed to reach his mouth. Art took a long swig of beer as his hand reached his balls then traced the outline of his big, swelling cock. ‘Nice package,’ he said as his zipper opened. His pants were too tight, then his belt was undone, then the button to his jeans, then the soft, gentle hand stroked him through his jockeys. Art had never felt. Someone to keep her grounded. Maybe she has that friend, maybe she’ll find them. From personal experience, I was that friend. I can go into greater detail on this if desired, however: This story is a mismatch of my memory, my ideas, and some more reality. Everyone is over 18, etc. Comments and feedback are of course welcome. *** ‘More?’ ‘Please.’ Leslie responded, holding out bowl. ‘I’ve said before that I never met a chocolate I didn’t like. It seems that you are much the same way.’ Gen.

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