I opened the front door very gently with my key, in case everyone was asleep. However as I stepped inside I saw the light in the back room. I crept in...but as I closed the door shut I heard my name called. "Matt.. is that you?" Christine asked.I made my way over to the backroom where she was sitting by a table doing some sewing. "Oh it is you... hi there... we wondered where you had got to this evening." Oh.. sorry, I thought Julia... um Mrs Cavendish was going to call you.. she cooked a meal. She talked to me in way that she knows me from years. When i reached there my aunty came smiling to me made me sit in the hall asking how was my journey and how are my parents and all. I said it was good and they are fine. My aunty called her daughter “Alisha.. See who has come”. My heart started pounding again when i heard her name. I was eager to see her. I heard some foot steps coming closer and there she comes.. wow.. She was an angel. I had never imagined that she will be so beautiful she. I pulled her towards me. She was still asleep. I was so close to her face, could feel her breathing, I wanted to kiss her on her lips (influenced by movies of course). So I gently went closer to her lips and kissed her. I don’t know if she felt that or not, but she hugged me even more tightly, now the funny feeling was increasing, so I let go of her.Next day morning, I woke up around 8 and ran towards the kitchen for brush and tooth paste. My aunt told that we will be going to the river along. It would also have been bad form for her to answer. As she slid away from him into the pit under the table, she winked and nodded. Her greed required it."Nine is out," a soft speaker announced. Cassie glanced over at the scoreboard by the clock. A red nine appeared under her twelve. The red color indicated that his partner was not under the table yet. Cassie had to wait another twenty seconds for the round to end before choosing a man for the next round.Cassie took another quick look around..

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