It felt right, in a way that was new to me. She must've felt the same thing."God this is nice." She said mainly into my coat."Yeah, how come we never ...uddled as friends?" I wondered aloud. It's not like we even hugged much before this."Seriously?" she asked pulling back in and looking at my face."Yeah. This is great. Why didn't we do it before?" Because your girlfriends would've gouged my eyes out." She said, straight-faced."What?!" Maybe a slight exaggeration. But not far off. It was always a. I admitted to myself that I had never reallyconsidered the matter from Julieta's perspective, or at least the oneshe had just presented to me.With similar honesty, I reminded myself that I had been a patheticschmuck for much of my early life. I had partied too much and worked toolittle. Wine, women, and song were staples in my diet in those earlierdays. Once dad passed away, I had been a bit too hands-off in handlingthe corporation. To be truthful, I now recognized that it may well havefailed. They dropped down quietly and started across the pasture toward the distant black line of the edge of the forest.The dogs only wurfed in curiosity, as they identified the scent of the boys almost immediately, but they were trained well to their duty of guarding the cows and stayed at their posts, lounging in the tall grass while the cattle slept or fitfully lowed protest at the light crossing their pasture nearby.They clambered through the three-beam fence and into the edge of the forest and. “Gentlemen, if you would like to have a seat. Leah, there’s a bathroom over there; I placed an outfit in there that you might like.” Kacy went to the back of the room where there was a computer system set up. “Do you mind if I video tape this? I want to display it in the main room the night of my club opening?” I bit my lip and glanced at my guys, they just smiled at me. Great. They were going to let me decide everything for the night. “I don’t mind.” I watched her as she set up the video.

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