He had told his friends to come over for a surprise at noon, which left him two hours to do something about the uncomfortable bulge in his pants.Seein... her step-brother walk up the stairs for a bit of privacy, her crotch under his arm, Marissa changed her tone: “Korbin, I’m sorry. I’ll do anything you want if you put me back together. And… And I won’t tell anyone, I swear.” Her step-brother’s conscience had been eroded to a sliver over the tormented years. He also knew when she was lying. The. " "Master what do you think of Mistress Juliana's piercing?" "I thought it was very sexy." "She got it to show her dedication to her Master. They were together seventeen years, he died four years ago." "I didn't know that slave." "Master, did you enjoy watching me with Mistress Juliana?" He squeezed her ass again. "Yes slave, I enjoyed it very much. Did you enjoy it as much as you thought you would?" "Oh yes, Sir. It was wonderful. Even though I've never done it before, when I ate her. I'm not really a tit man, but a sizeable pair does tend to indicate a full-figured woman, and that blue I do like. So what I gathered about Karen was that she was a substantial woman with pale skin. Maybe blonde, maybe brunette. Again, that didn't matter.We lived about fifty miles apart, so we arranged to meet in a hotel bar about halfway. I booked a room, but if one of us didn't want to stay the night it wouldn't be a desperately long drive home. She would know me by my olive corduroy jacket. But as I saw her hairy armpits, I lied on her body and started to lick her sweaty pits wildly. She kept moaning loudly and she bit my neck in the process. After 5 mins of vigorous licking, I was all dizzy. I wanted more so I grabbed her right armpit with my mouth. Buried in her wide pits, I surprised her by piercing my 7″ cock at once inside her pussy.She gasped in pain, little blood from her vagina spurted out. She cried in pain, but I started to bang her by thrusting my penis with great.

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