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Can you feel it baby Tell me you like it!" "YES!! I LIKE IT!! OOOOH GOD! YES!" Do you want more baby Tell me! Do you want more of my cock" YESSSSS!!!!...With that he pulled out, flung me around and started pounding at my pussy again. He was rough, and I loved it. He held my ankles up and went faster than before. The sound of his heavy balls hitting my ass filled my ears. "Do you want it inside you baby Do you want my cum inside you" Rick!!! Oh GOD!! RICK!!"He grunted and arched his back, all the. Then I blushed a little. I was not one to brag about my sex life, good or bad."Yeah. On his birthday and a few more times after that. Why? You just need to hear some sex stories?" I asked."Well something like that. I don't know if I'm just not attractive or what, but Brian just hasn't been all that interested I guess. I don't know any other explanation than him getting it from someone else. I mean I know I'm not a model, I only have B-cup breasts, but still. What's not to like?" Jeanette. We got to the camper unlocked it MrsC was a giggly excited mess we all stepped in putting the lights straight on, black out blinds dropped in record time, luckily we had already set the bed up knowing we would not be sober upon our return, never mind what situation we were in so good thinking, MrsC told us to sit down on the bed and then turned some of the lights off a began to seductively strip off, well in a drunken way grinning and giggling, first she slipped down her summer dress revealing. But without my Aurora, even for only two weeks, I was frankly in a funk.Maria and Gary showed up at my house the Friday night after my first week without Aurora to cheer me up. I resisted. I fully intended to be depressed and in a bad mood.“What in god’s name are you doing here, Maria? Is that Gary trying to hide behind you?” I growled at my colleague and friend. “Don’t you know it’s Friday night when young, randy people are off hitting the Honky-Tonks downtown and getting laid?”“Doc, you have.

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