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He said he hadn't been able to stop thinking about me since our brief escapade and before he left the country permanently he wanted a engraved reminde... of all of my juicy assests when he came to Manchester . He wasn't beating about the bush - no pun intended and I didn't have anything to loose but a lot of throbbing to gain. When he contacted me in the week I had already made plans to be away for the weekend which I couldn't get out of otherwise he could of fucked me gladly from Friday to. "is that OK now " she asked "hmmmm, not sure" he reached out and placed a hand on her shoulder, she froze, he slowly slid his hand down her front, over her bra slightly rubbing her nipple..." well that still feels pretty wet, better get that off" "are you serious?" he grabbed her bra strap and tugged lightly " either you do it or I do" she leaned forward and reached behind to unclasp her bra, she let the straps slide down her arms and lifted the cups off her tits "do I need to check the. Would you let me seeyou in it?” Kate was going way out on a limb.“For anybody else, I would say no, but for you,” Helooked her up and down, really studying her beauty forthe first time, “I think I probably would.”“Mmmm. That sounds good,” Kate said with a laugh. Shetook another sip of her wine and then laid her cards onthe table. “Well since you don’t have a Speedo, andsince there are no stores open that could to sell meone,” she. It was rather disappointing.He had at least hoped to be able to resume his experiments like he had in the US, but everyone was already so downtrodden that the results probably wouldn’t be very interesting. Oh well, hopefully he’d get better results across the sea.South America had fallen, not with a bang, but a whimper, and the rest of the world had come to experience whole new levels of fear. The entire western hemisphere had fallen under Dominion’s control, but everyone knew that he wouldn’t.

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