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’ I replied, ‘Yeah, I know.’ We talked for a while longer but he wasn’t ready to make any moves just then. Our fiscal year ran from July to Ju...e so any moves he was making were going to be after July 1st. The rest of the day went quickly and 9:00 PM came and I went down to the club. Katie was waiting for me and already had gotten a beer for me as well. As I always did, I gave her a quick kiss before sitting down. We talked about the day like we always did. Katie asked me, ‘So how did it go. All this week she has been down then you called last night and you guys talked forever after she was happy and late last night I hear her fingering herself downstairs. Kat smiles and runs her hand up Kimmy's long legs till her little finger is just touching her pantied puss and Kimmy intakes air and stiffens up.Kat out lines her panties slow and steady then ducks up under them and zreos in on her clit the first orgasm hits with many to follow Kimmy flops around like a fish out of water. . It was great showing off and I get turned on knowing that they know and can see it. The juices were beginning to flow and I wondered if they could see the pussy juice. I told Tony about the two and every now and again he took a peek and agreed they were interested. We ordered more drinks and continued to chat and the two were still looking my way. One was blonde and one was dark haired. I estimate that they could not of been more than 18 or 19 years of age. In any event they were about 10 years. She was shivering a bit because of the chilly weather. It was getting so dark but the rain still wouldn’t stop. My sister started complaining about my late start from college. Acutely she started feeling some sort of fear. We had never faced such encounter before. So she couldn’t control herself from fear and shivering, but rain was so heavy that wouldn’t stop so easily. So I got so near to her and tried to convince her that everything was going to be alright. As I approached her, she suddenly.

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