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“Don’t you want to see Eleanor naked? Arthur came here offering his wife to you and Herman. Why you want to hurt her feelings and reject her lik... that?” “I didn’t, I’m not,” sputtered Arthur in confusion.Eleanor held up her hand to forestall her husband’s protests. “Ok, Joey, just what makes you so sure that I am going to get naked?” she asked with a devilish smile.“Shit, I could tell that by the look on your face just now when you realized what Arthur was up to,” said Joey leaning back in. We were making small talk – he too was a West Ham fan – when his pretty aide returned."Cecilia, please take Mister Desmond along to the dining room. I'll see you back here at two thirty, Des, and I will brief all of you together."I followed Cecilia's pert buttocks and saying hips to the dining room, an experience I relished.On the first day of my new career I joined a team of computer programmers, along with three other new starters, two former students: a Yorkshire lad name of Brian Blewton,. We all got out of the car to straighten out our clothing. My stockings were all laddered and torn and my dress was wadded around my waist, but I tried to make myself as presentable as I could. I stuffed my boobs back in and smoothed my skirt down as best I could. My pussy felt so swollen I was sure my cunt lips had to be dangling down below my skirt, but I knew that was not possible. I took some satisfaction in the fact that the boys looked similarly worn out. Jack walked up to me and. It occurred to me that he might look over and see me watching him, but then I realized that he was so intent on the magazine that I wouldn't have anything to worry about until after he shot his load.I couldn't see what he was looking at, but it must have been good the way he was moaning. Paul licked the palm of his jerking off hand and rubbed it onto his cock. By now my own penis was hard as a rock. It was throbbing and hot in my hand inside my coveralls. I popped a couple of buttons on the fly.

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