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"Don't forget to see the door man about the dogs when you done!"The crowd roared with laughter when she shouted back."Don't worry once this bitch is with my pussy, she's getting a nice painful ass fucking with my strap-on. Then I think a brutal gang bang from the security and then the dogs can have her.As he laughed about her plans "The Master of Ceremonies" remembered some thing."Good plan. While we're on the subject of the dogs how about we check on our newest "Kennel Bitches"." As the. Fuck I want my cunt filled too” she moans.I then look at her brother, “ready to fuck your slut sister for the first time mate?” I ask. Looking at the stunned look on his face as he seems shocked at how into it his sister is.“yes, fuck, yes”, he replies, “I want to feel my cock in my sister pussy”With that I remove my cock after a few more hard thrusts and allow her to position herself over her brother, hands in his shoulders and lower herself down on his hard cock as he positions it into her.. I wiggled, and when I did the sand started coming off my torso. "Not without messing everything up," I said."Excellent," he replied, "just one final touch." He then knelt next to me, dug his hands under my sides and untied my bikini top! He looked around, and seeing the coast reasonably clear, he pulled it off. Then he scooped up some of the light dry sand and covered my tits lightly."What are you doing?" I hissed at him."Whatever I want," he said, smiling again. He then reached down and. We were graduating in a couple of weeks and there was a real sense of freedom in the air. Walking up the hill I still had lots of time before I was meant to meet Sara, there was a big wire fence in front of a huge field next to the path and I noticed a hole cut in the fence, it was just big enough to climb through, the field was big and full of tall grass, just about up to my waist in most parts, there was something very inviting about this field, so I climbed through the fence and walked.

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