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.. I know Maddy O'Reilly and she was up for some recognition in the show for her work. I was in town and wanted to go support my friend. I was crashin... the event because I really did not know if I could get in. I put on my gray suit, white shirt, black tie and headed over. I got into the event, but only ever saw Maddy when she was on stage. I know her, but it is not like we are friends. I mean we don't send Christmas cards, but she used to have these body piercings on her abs and in the dimples. I was wanking off and I needed to cum. SO I went near her with a camera and she laid and turned her face to her left, holding my dick sucking off hard as sam fucked her pussy.Sam said, he will be cumming soon. So she got up and knelt down in front of us. The bitch was sucking us both off simultaneously, moaning, Give me your cum boys, paint me white with your seeds.And then she took both of our cocks together and put two in her mouth. Sam was looking up in pleasure and I was amazed to see her. Something about a delay at one of the lay-over stops.The doors opened, and weary travelers emerged. Some looked dazed, others grumpy. Mostly, they looked glad to be home. She emerged at the end of the throng, as the last of the flight crew ushered everyone off with a wave and a plastic smile. "Bye-bye!"She was even lovelier than he had imagined, since the pictures they had exchanged never did her justice.They had "met" years earlier, in an internet chat room. They had teased each other, and. "Thanks," Kristina blushes. "I forgot." I lift her off of my cock as Lauren returns, tearing the package open. "Not a good thing to forget," I admonish Kristina. She nods sheepishly.Lauren has the package open and smiles at me as she rolls it down my slick pole. Kristina raises her body up and Lauren aligns my cock with her glistening pussy lips. She continues holding my cock between her thumb and her finger as Kristina slides down the length. Lauren releases my cock and then looks like she.

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