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I was excited to see a close up view of a tiny pair of bald lips and a tiny little cunt hole covered in her white milky juices.She kneeled wider and o...ened herself more to me as I stuck out my tongue and licked a glob of juice from her to taste her. She tasted wonderful and I proceeded to lick her open snatch back and forward, greedily licking all her juices up. She held on to the bed head and watched me intently. I started to tongue her clit, rubbing back and forth, gripping her button between. It might not come true." She says to him with laughter in her voice."Aww come on Jules tell me. Maybe I can make it come true for you." Brian said as he pulled her hips closer to his pelvis."I bet you could." Juliet flirted back. Brian dropped his head for a heated kiss. She felt his tongue duel with her own tongue. He placed his hands under her ass, and pulled up so that her legs would wrap around his waist. He gently laid her on the warm grassy bank beside the brook. He untied the top of her. I wiped a rice corn from the tip of her nose and pat her cheek after she had finished. Her eyes were a bit glassy, maybe from the drug in the sugar that already started to kick in, maybe simply because she was so full now. "Was that good?" Wh... whee..." Good girl. Turn around."She did so and I checked her arms again ? everything was in place, the straps were as tight as they had been before the training, the circulation was still intact. Copper moaned under her breath as I touched her. I opened my eyes momentarily to see Peter standing in the corner of the room with his mouth hanging open. Peter was a cute boy in our grade who was the brother of Stacy, one of the girls a year younger than us who was on the junior varsity team which had practice earlier in the day. All the girls had major crushes on him, and he really had his pick of anyone he wanted to go out with, but he just didnt realize it. He was sort of shy but really nice and friendly, and while he had his share of.

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