Finally she opened her eyes and looked up into his face. His eyes showed no evidence of the battle that confused her. Al took a deep breath and stared...into her lovely eyes. The fragrance of gentle flowers and the sound of the surf set a seductive scene. He could not blame her, the moment was right for what was to become of them. Before this night, he felt the presence of a hesitation so heavy that he was sure she did not want to cross the line and go too far. But now, with so few hours left, he. ’ Pushing her way back through the bar, she turned into the alleyway behind the bar, shivers crawling up her spine at the deep shadows there. Hurrying out of her car, she reached for the back door of the club. A strong hand wrapped around her shoulder, pulling her back and slamming her against the wall. Heart pumping, she struggled, but the man was bigger than she was, and he pressed her to the grimy brick wall, preventing her from moving. She sucked in a deep breath to scream, but he squeezed. I lower the lids of my big, brown eyes and give him that look that says, "I'm yours if you'll have me."And he responds the way any man would respond when a beautiful girl gives THAT look. He walks toward me, staring at me, like a lion about to jump on its prey. Standing in front of me, I can hear his heavy breath. He bends his head down, so that he can reach mine. His tongue slowly begins to taste my lips. I gently grab his lower lip between my front teeth and tug just a bit, to bring him even. "Oh are you spending the night at Tim's? Kelly yelled down across the bar. "You slut." She said with a giant grin on her face. "But yeah I probably am." "It's not like that...I...just wanted to know." Kelly said back in her timid voice. "Sure you did." Lisa said sarcastically. Kelly just sat there for a bit with her face buried in her hands till I finally talked up into a conversation. We talked for a while and had more drinks. We were having a great time she was into all the same kinds of.

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