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That night I was beyond drunk. Alex had a couple of drinks but he was the driver so he didn't get messed up. After we got back to his house he walked ...ith me to his room. Now usually when I stayed with him, he slept on the couch. So for him to follow me into the room kind of caught me off guard. I slipped my pajamas on over my dress then slid my dress down to my ankles while Alex stood behind me and watched quietly, most likely waiting to see something. I climbed in the bed and Alex turned off. She felt strangely aroused and her pussy began to moisten. “Tell me you want to suck your daddy’s big cock,” he said as he pressed his cock against her tight teen pussy, “or ill take your viriginity right now.”“Noooo pleaseeee” Jenny cried.The bald white man squeezed his little Asian’s round tits and squeezed her nipples hard.“Aieeeee okay! Okay! I want your cock! P-please! Give me your cock?” She said hesitantly.The old man began to squeeze her teen tits harder and started to push.“Noo! Please. The hourglass waist flaring out to plum hips and round handful ass! I so felt like reaching out and grabbing them instead of the clothes from the machine while we were at the laundry.Weeks passed by and I started volunteering to help her with her laundry.Till one day we found ourselves kissing as the clothes were getting tumbled in the machine. "We need to get back to my place now" she said picking up her red laced panties to feed into the machine. I grabbed it from her, sniffed it and said ". I can't wear this, she exclaimed. Taking the top from her hands Beth held it in front of Mary. See, Beth said. It looks good on you, as she pressed her hands on Mary's breasts. Giggling Mary said, what would the mothers say seeing me in this. Moving her hand around her, Beth unhooked Mary's bra. Let's at least see how you feel about it, Beth whispered. An odd feeling came over Mary as watched Beth take her bra off in the mirror. Mary's nipples stiffened as the cool air hit them. Beths mouth.

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