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A cold shower should have been near the top of my thought processes, but I opted for a hot, steaming one as I definitely needed to separate myself fro... the man I had been since yesterday. He had no place in today’s affairs…this was Andrea’s time. I stepped out of the shower, drying myself carefully and assuring that I was still sufficiently smooth from my last hair removal session. Seeing that I was still very smooth, I applied some of a perfume that would accent the gardenia smell of my shower. I thought he would split me. Then I could feel his spunk squirting inside me.That looks nice and tight young lady. See I knew you would enjoy it.Oh thank god It was nearly over. He lay locked in me for what seemed like a few minutes. Then he pulled away and went and lay down.Can you untie me now please.Were not done yet he just needs a bit of a rest. While you are down there you can suck on this. He stood over me and shoved his dick in my mouth. He hadn’t pumped away for very long when I felt. I told them I did know what to think when you called me."Ok boys, dinner will be ready shortly. Get Bill a drink Bob" "Bill, Jack and Coke, right?" Bob asked. "You know me." I replied.Carol hollered up stairs "Girls, you got company." They came running down the stairs and when they saw me "Grandpa" and ran up to me with big hugs and kisses right on the lips. I'm glad they didn't call me Bill.After dinner, we just sat and talked. "I have to ask you something and you can say no with no hard. He’s going to be a lot more cautious now. Keep him at length and pick your shots.”“OK.”Silverman was still sitting as I got up again. As we got the third round started, I moved forward to take the center of the ring. I kept throwing stiff jabs. Every so often he’d wing a kick to attack my right arm between punches.My right arm was a bit sore and starting to feel heavy. I just kept punching him. I’d deal with the after affects later. We traded jabs and power punches till the bell rang.Sitting.

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