It was almost back to "geekdom" for Will. There were books to read, tests to ace. Will entertained the thought that maybe he could "do" high school in...two years, three at most!Then he met Lori. Lori had much the same story as Will did (academically), but she wasn't as fortunate in the looks department. Her large glasses hid a rather unseemly face. She didn't use make-up, and her loose clothes didn't fit particularly well. But she knew virtually everything that Will did, and she even answered a. An instant later, she was surprised by the first stroke. Her eyes flew open and she cried out in pain. He didn't give her time to recover before he strapped her a second time. She cried out again. With his third stroke, her cry transitioned immediately into sobbing. His fourth stroke came and her head dropped as she sobbed. "Nora! Pick your head back up!" She quickly pulled her head up and looked back up at the spot on the wall again. He had stopped strapping her, and once her head was back in. As we steamed towards the Fiords our generation gap was shrinking; our friendship growing.We experienced dining together in the luxurious restaurant with all its grandeur; followed by the farce of getting dolled-up together in the small cabin. Eventually two glamorous females were ready to enjoy some dancing in the ballroom.I think I spent too long dancing with Gerald which had left Margo sat alone simply watching us. But I found being on a dance-floor intoxicating. Gerald told me I danced. Someone had bumped into me, as if I hadn’t been miffed enough after Kirsty and Jo-Anne had somehow up and vanished from the party. I had swiped the spilled Tequila Sunrise from the front of my red tank top as good as I could and cursed the gods. This should have been our big end-of-year party, with Kirsty, Jo-Anne and me celebrating our eighteenth birthdays again, dancing through the night, getting ourselves absolutely pissed and, hopefully, getting laid. It was the latter that my two friends.

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