The third sheet was for time frame, budget for the project and potential materials required.And the final sheet was for whether James would continue the project or hand it over to the client direct, or a building firm. Behind all of this was a large section where print offs for designs and blueprints could be placed for the client to see a hard copy when needed.Iris kept two of the folders out, where she neatly wrote the names for the two meetings on the Friday.She put a sheet in the front. ."the effeminate boy reported back to the fat woman, who groaned at thecomplication."Take him to the forge then - Help him carry his chain - and hurry back- there's plenty of work to be done here!"Peter was looking forward to losing the restraint on his ankle, anddidn't resist when the blacksmith put his legs in wooden stocks.The blacksmith looked at Peter's shackle and rubbed his chinthoughtfully."Reckon I already made a key for that ..."The blacksmith searched his shelves and grinned as he. I helped my daughter move over to the Deputy. She sat on the Deputy's lap and he stuck his hard cock between her legs and up against her pussy. She then closed her legs around his cock. I had previously rubbed some Vaseline on her so it would be easy for her to slide on my cock and now the same with his cock between her legs.The Deputy was holding her hips and began sliding her up a little then down. He pushed her legs tighter together for more friction and continued stroking his cock up and. Caryn's face was full of adoration. He was the responsible adult here. He somehow had to get the whole thing under control."Mike, I'm not a little girl. I'm nearly seventeen," she said."Nearly seventeen?" he asked."Don't you make fun of me. I'm not a virgin if that's what you're thinking," she said.Mike hadn't been thinking of that at all. But once she brought it up, he couldn't get it out of his mind. It immediately was thrust to the forefront of his thoughts. She wasn't a virgin. "I don't.

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