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Despite my mercy, the weekend was not over so I returned to my seat. He didn’t wait for permission or command before resuming his oral caresses, but...I wasn’t in the mood to interrupt them to discipline him.Having left the cage in pieces on his chest, I marveled at how tall and straight its former contents rose before me. Grabbing the lube from the adjacent table, I squirted a generous amount on my feet. Rubbing them together to spread it, I stretched them to his pole. With it nestled between my. "Oh, shit!" Don exclaimed as he watched his cock slide into the blonde's mouth.Nina paused to keep from choking before clamping her lips around the base of Don's semi-hard cock. Working the muscles in her jaw, she massaged his prick, relishing the feel of it growing thicker and longer in her warm mouth. As it expanded, it became more difficult for her to breathe so she flared her nostrils desperately to keep from gagging. The pretty blonde slowly began easing her mouth up along his hard cock.. Punana felt tears welling in its eyes, mortified that Tiffany's obvious hate and disdain were turning it on.Tiffany's fingertip pressed against the pupil of punana's right eye. The blackout contact lenses had been in place for nearly a year and punana really had no idea what its face looked like anymore. Tiffany and Doctor Tom had done things, it knew, but it wasn't sure what. punana only knew that it had wakened at least three times in the last year with its face bandaged and pain medication. He worked, ate meals, watched TV, slept and did it over again one day at a time. He thought about seeking a lover closer to home but the fact is that Audrey was as much woman as he could handle and was more than worth the travel and the wait-times in-between. He would love Audrey forever and was warm in the knowledge that she loved him too. Life wasn’t all he might have hoped for, but it was good. Katrina’s husband John was struggling to remain sober. On the return leg of the ship’s voyage, he.

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