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He waves something in front of my nose slowly catching a sweet smell he waves it againasking what it is telling him it is a strawberry ,he then tells ...e to part my lips open my mouth and suck then bite what a wonderful taste he feeds me the strawberry.Now the second scent he waves it under my nose a couple of times a sweet chocolate smell part your lips as I do he slides his finger in telling me to suck it is a delicious chocolate like I never tasted . then the third is waved another sweet but. Then your mouth is on me licking up my slit, circling around my clit and back down. My hands moving in your hair as your tongue enters my pussy. You start fucking me with slow moves in and out my cunt. I feel the hot pleasure wash over me as my breaths become faster and my moans louder. I tell you how good your tongue feels making me so wet for you as my juices start running down my thighs. Your tongue moves back up to my clit while your fingers move down and slowly start entering me.You nearly. Brianna envied her friend. She wondered when she would finally find someone to share that first time with, a man to take her virginity. Sometimes the frustration was so great she felt like grabbing the first guy she saw and asking him to do it. But she knew that no matter who did it, it would be far more emotional than just a quick fuck to say it was done. Brianna wouldn't be the kind to "do it" without feeling something more inside her soul. As she watched Allison, she saw in her eyes an. When Ian pushed his fingers into her pussy that little bit, Victoria made her move. She pushed down onto Ian’s fingers and used his surprise to finger fuck herself three times. Ian ripped his hand away from her and angrily stalked towards the door, knocking the mobile table that held the samples on it to the floor. When Ian hand hit the door something in him clicked. To hell with regulations. He turned back towards Victoria and grabbed her shoulders in two strides. Now she was the one.

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