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Wouldn't say no .... if you know what I mean. All went quiet again. ''Just a mo'' Janice was saying ''I need to go to the bathroom'' The study door op...ned and she saw me instantly but never uttered a word. She smiled maliciously at me, stopped at the bathroom door, took off her panties and deliberately tossed them onto the floor before closing the door. Caught again ... she had all the cards. I heard her on the loo taking a leak, the tissue holder and the flushing of the loo.The door opened I. After talking with her for half an hour, she invited me to her flat to have dinner. I was refusing but after all, I too am a man who had no sex for quite a long time. I went to her flat.When I entered her flat, I astonished at seeing her. She was drinking alone that too my favorite Bacardi lemon. Riya welcomed me with a casual hug. That hug gave me a tight boner because she never ever hugged me.We parted and sat on a sofa. She made my drink and offered chips, chicken lollypop etc. I asked a. .. What you going to do with me?I held out my hand, as she placed hers into mine I pulled her to her feet pulling her into my arms, or lips locked in a deep passionate kiss. Breaking the kiss off she steps back and removed her top, exposing her perky breasts in a lacy black bra, I stared intently as I pulled my shirt off before pushing her onto the bed kissing her again. My hands caressing her breasts, playing with her nipples through her bra. She rolled on top of me and removed her bra, her. She followed my gaze, and gave a soft sigh when she saw what was happening. “Am I the cause of that?”, she asked, a rhetorical question if ever I heard one.We both stared as if hypnotized as my cock became fully erect and the head slowly appeared above the t-shirt edge. I instinctively started to cover myself, but she said“No, please… I’ve never really seen one in the light, and never this big”. At any rate, I liked the sound of it, and I slowly pulled the t-shirt away. Her new-found boldness.

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