Desi hot couple having sex leaked mms part 11

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. He took of his t shirt and threw it on my face .. I was sitting on my bed .. He jumped up and came closer to me .. He was standing in front of me in...a position where his dick was just inches away from my face … He moved his hip slowly unbuttoned his jeans and I pulled it of completely .. He had a huge tent in his jockey .. I could not wait to see a real cock in my life so I slide my hand all the way back up .. Hold his jockey and pull it down at one shot .. His cock sprung open and hit me on. I have a cousin, Rahul, who lives in Mumbai. He is 22 years old. We have always been quite close to each other. We share almost everything with each other. Recently, he, my aunt and my uncle came to Hyderabad for a month and stayed in our house. I took Rahul to meet all my friends, we went out every day and in about a week we had been to almost every place in Hyderabad, we were having a lot of fun together.There was a guy in my school who had crush on me from quite sometime and I kind of liked. Which turned into many, in fact I had a great night. Met a woman who is a friends Friend who turns out to all so like women too. I noticed this a few times during the night. the way she would look at the bar maid who was sexy. And my friends other half would go into this zone and she couldn't hide it, subtle movements of her body were quiet a turn on.Well I will keep this one short I left there early September 13Th 2017 and rode home, feeling worse for wear to be honest. On my way home I saw. She leaned up toward me and I lowered my head to meet hers as our mouths met. I felt her slide her tongue into my mouth, and I flicked at hers with my own tongue, hearing her moan and we tenderly kissed each other. Tenderness soon gave way to passion as I pulled her down to lay on top of me as I kissed her more forcefully. I let my hands wander over her body as our tongues mangled themselves together between our mouths. She pulled away from me and said, "I think you're ready for your gift now",.

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