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How about we head inside, take a shower and then rest until dinner time.”I figure Liz is going to complain but she surprises me when she says, “Be...nie, that sounds great to me, but I don’t want the shower too hot tonight.”We hold hands, head inside and I worry about Liz...Present – Ben – Solving the problemYeah I knew I was forgetting something! Damn, where in the hell am I going to take them? This fucking mess with Jens and Mira has my head spinning in ten different directions at once. Hells. It looks like he gets smashed after two drinks and I really do appreciate your intervention."I was examining her as she spoke. Very, very nice. Average height, nice figure from what I could see. Age? hmmm, in her late 30s, I would guess. Dark brown hair, brown eyes. Yes, a very nice package.We had a drink and a nice chat, interrupted only by a team of paramedics who came in and toted away someone who had fallen from his bar stool.I told her my name and we spent a very enjoyable hour just. ”The policewoman looked at her counterpart who just nodded his approval for her to proceed.“Look,” she began, “ ... we’ve been keeping an eye on this couple for about a year now. They first came to light last year when a nudist club in Auckland filed a complaint about a couple being a bit too boisterous around other nudist holiday makers then some money went missing from the club’s tuck shop cash register ... about $200. Nothing was done about the complaint until 6 months later when another. Little did I know that the whole time Mike was watching her with me. When we got to the hotel room she had gotten, she had me strip and get into bed. But, my hard cock got the better of me, and Mindy said not to worry about it. she got me to agree to get into a chair, and tied me there. Not too unusual, she ties me up all the time, but usually in the bed. She then put a ball gag on me, and put several clothes pins and clamps on my fore skin and ball sack. She went to the bathroom, and got.

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