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"We thought we could come over and visit before we went out. We were already to go, but now we'll have to wash up some." Joey said."I gotta get ready ...o you guys wash up while I take a shower and make myself pretty." I said.Joey grinned and said, "You're already the prettiest girl around Mel."John and Frank were echoing Joey.I blushed and thanked them but said I was dirty and needed a shower.Joey was close to me and took me by the arm and turned me to him. He gave me a nice kiss while holding. Saturday is going to be rough ... but not dangerous," I said, "CPO Olsen suggests on Saturday we head straight across to Frankfort, the wind will be on the quarter. I am assuming he wants us to harbor jump. Stay within a mile or two of shore and gunk hole our way down."Olsen ahemed, "That's not what I said." He saluted, "Permission to come aboard."He wasn't saluting us ... the flag was on the fantail ... he was saluting that.Niels was kind of surprised. "I guess, come ahead on." Not exactly. Kim she done whatever she could do to help. I spent, as much time as I could with them we would swim in the lake. I had a hard time keeping their bathing suit on them, as they liked to go in naked. Years went by and my girl started changing. My little girls were not my little girls no more. One day I looked at my girls and seen in them what drew me to their mother. Ash was 17 she had her mothers face and Kim 15 had her mothers body. Ash had B cup breast and Kim had already passed her with C. I'm 26 and living in Delhi,. We are two brothers and one sister living in a combined family system, sister is younger than me and brother is older than me and married, he is also living with us with his wife, her name is Gita and she is a dynamite, it all happen to me when my brother got a job abroad and he left for Canada just after 3 months after his marriage. He was not willing to go but our economical situation was not very good and in order to support his family he had to go.As I already.

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